We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

We understand people’ s feelings to make your business grow

Marketing & Research

Grow your sales with Kansei Analytics, a discipline that combines neuroscience, design,
engineering and psychology to evaluate how your customer perceives your products and services.

Kansei, studies people’s mindsets and their impressions, allowing us to comprehend how a product or service is being perceived and accepted. This approach enables the identification of opportunities that can be seized as projects to create or redesign products, design customer experiences, marketing campaigns, advertisement, promotions and more…

Work with Kansei Analytics, a team of postgraduate professionals in Kansei Science, Design and Analytics. Our commitment is to work with companies and organizations of all sizes and industries to increase customers’ loyalty by understanding and fulfilling their needs and expectations.

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Kansei can be used on businesses of any size over a wide range of industries like:


Customer Service

Food & Beverages

Restaurant & Hospitality




Beauty & Personal Care

Music & Advertisement

Web, Graphic & Product Design



Toys & Games


and more…

How to start?

Case Definition

Tell us your business & Kansei objective to advise you on which of our services is most suitable for your organization. 

Project Outline

We help you comprehend the hedonic variables and factors that may interest you.


We deliver a solution
for your company


We offer a set of modular services that fit to each specific needs, from End-to-End solutions to ad-hoc reports that can be used as key components in the solution of your business problem.

Product Design, Prototyping & Placement


Kansei (Affective) & Neuromarketing

Kansei & Service Engineering

User Experience Services

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

Revenue Management

Get ready to unlock the true potential of your
company, we will focus on the how to…

Our Team

An international studio that combines scientific research with design and engineering to improve customer satisfaction

Juan Pablo Peche
Co-Founder & CEO
M.S. in Analytics 

Oscar Sakay
Ph.D in Kansei Science

Yuka Motomura
M.S. in Kansei Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kansei?

“Kansei” comes from the Japanese characters “感” (feeling, sense, emotion, impression) “性” (quality, attribute). Academically speaking, Kansei is the tacit process of humans that is activated by interacting with artifacts or systems. Kansei is a fundamental mental process of communication between objects and humans. From a practical approach (engineering), Kansei is a methodology for product development that translates users’ feelings, impressions and emotions into design parameters.

What are the requirements for the application of Kansei?

There are two basic approaches to initialize any Kansei project. One approach uses data regarding sales of the targeted product/service to conduct a perceptual analysis correspondant to the intended market segment. The other approach uses a target semantic keyword of the product (desired affections to be perceived) for the design or re-design of the products/services.

Which are the outcomes of a project using Kansei?

The primary outcome is a series of recommendations highlighting the user’s perception of the products, strategies for re-design or marketise the products, etc.

How long does a Kansei project takes?

An average of 1-3 months is required to estimate, classify, analyze and create strategies for each user group.

Whats the role of analytics in Kansei?

Analytics (which includes the application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) is a process that involves a systematic computational analysis of data to discover insights to help companies to make better decisions. Hence, Analytics complements the Kansei methodology by enhancing the sophisticated tasks by giving the technological capabilities to analyze, predict and optimize any requirement.

Is Kansei only applicable on certain industries?

No, since Kansei is a user oriented methodology, it can be applicable to any industry.

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